How to Add Value to Your Home: The Experts Top 8 Tips.

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How to Add Value to Your Home. 8 Tips You Need if You’re Looking to Add Value to Your House in 2024.

As the landscape of homeownership continues to shift, the appeal of renovations invites the promise of both enhanced value and lifestyle. But is the transformation journey worth its weight in sawdust? For those embracing the vibrant, outdoorsy lifestyle of Perth, renovations are not just about increasing property value—they’re about shaping homes to better complement a lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of a renovation, time and resource investments can vary. But the payoff? A home that not only turns heads in the resale market but also elevates your daily living experience.

With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to navigate the path of home improvement. As experts in the field of home renovations, here are our top recommendations for 2024 that are guaranteed to add value to your home. 

Quick, light-touch and affordable.

1. A fresh lick of paint

Humans are visual creatures… we can’t help but judge a book by its cover. Sometimes something as simple as just repainting the outer walls of your home can create a fresh and up-kept look that ups your street appeal. If repainting your whole home is too much of a commitment but you still want to make a statement, a bright and colourful front door is a clever workaround that creates a warm and welcoming invitation into your cherished space.

2. Upgrade your hardware

Another effective and affordable modification that quickly adds value to your home, is replacing those old and mismatched fixtures that are starting to deteriorate. These are the little details that are often forgotten or overlooked – but the power of an intentional swap to modern high quality fixtures such as tapware, hooks, and door handles refreshes your home with cohesion and an instant luxury feel. 

Functional and low-maintenance. 

3. Contain the mess 

Whether you’re carving out space for a standalone mudroom or enhancing an existing corner or corridor with sleek seating, shelves, and hooks, this upgrade is all about smart and practicalliving. A mudroom crafts a clever transitional area that adds on storage capacity, and safeguards your home against the tracking of water, mud, and debris. Ultimately, it elevates your family’s daily flow and adds value in multiple dimensions. 

4. Let there be light

In our sunny city, houses bathed in natural lighting are a much sought after commodity. If your homes roots are set in shadowy foundations, lack generous windows, or simply face away from the sun – that golden glow can feel like a distant dream. One of the latest trends we’re seeing is an integration of strategically placed skylights, that respect the beautiful original structures but allow pockets of light to flood in and create a bright and spacious feel. 


A focus on the outdoors.

5. Rinse off in nature

A coastal home essential that quickly adds value to your home; the outdoor shower. This is the a lifestyle enhancer for frequent beach-goers, families, and even your four-legged friends! While highly functional, you can also easily make this an eye-catching design feature by selecting the unique fixtures, tiling, and planting. Paired with other outdoor features like a pool, lounge, fire pit or barbeque – this otherwise humble space turns into a vibrant, livable sanctuary. 

6. Deck out your entertaining area

There’s nothing better than a balmy night spent enjoying good food and good company in your own backyard. We put a lot of focus on styling our indoor spaces, but why not add some extra value to your home with beautiful timber decking? This creates a versatile foundation, that can be dressed with outdoor lighting, vibrant pot plants, and a stylish outdoor lounge or dining setting that speaks for your personality.

7. To pool or not to pool?

The age old question… will a pool really add value to your home? Our answer is it simply just depends on your lifestyle. While installation and upkeep present financial considerations, a pool is often seen as a coveted luxury, potentially increasing your home’s appeal. In Perth’s warm climate, outdoor features significantly impact a home’s attractiveness and marketability. However the true value lies in thoughtful integration of safety, accessibility, and harmony with your home’s design. A well-placed pool in an inviting outdoor living area, not only enhances your property value but also sells a lifestyle to potential buyers, making your home a sought-after retreat.


Put the environment first.

8. The green upgrade

It’s no surprise that as a collective we’re shifting towards a more environmentally conscious way of living. And this extends itself into the home renovations we consider, with a large number of homes undergoing the sustainability upgrades. Ranging from smaller modifications like energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and vegetable patches, to larger scale projects like double glazed windows, solar panel installation, and complete restructuring. These alterations not only significantly reduces your carbon footprint but drastically slash utility bills, offering long-term savings.


Your home renovation journey is one that moves towards creating added value in both your space and your lifestyle. The key to navigating this path smoothly lies in choosing a partner with the right expertise. DT Construction WA places priority on your personal needs and dreams. We pride ourselves on crafting spaces that go beyond mere structures—they transform to become your home, your sanctuary. 

With a commitment to quality, sustainable solutions, and cutting-edge technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of in-house services tailored to your unique vision. Our dedicated team ensures excellence in every detail, supported by our guarantee of cost-efficiency, quality control, and timely delivery.

Experience the DT Construction WA transformation. 


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