Lauchlan Allen


As we are a growing business, DTC and Penmaes strive to keep overheads down by managing our time and projects to ensure our leadership team can be across all aspects of every project.

With a project management background from two large construction companies, I want to build Penmaes and DTC into a successful, detail-oriented and safe construction company.

I enjoy camping and travelling when I can manage some time away and have recently gotten married.

I grew up with an architect father who runs a very successful firm out of Subiaco.

My 3 brothers and I were brought up with constant new builds, projects and outdoor sports which now doesn’t surprise me that all of us are in the construction industry.

With already nearly a decade of construction experience, I continue to learn new techniques and management styles that are imperative for the growth of a construction company. We have recently just completed an incredibly remote mine camp, this was something I had never done before but am incredibly grateful for the chance. I learnt a huge amount about the necessity to properly plan each move to maximise cost and efficiency.

DTC and Penmaes have great futures that I am incredibly proud of already.