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Civil construction and earthworks encompass a specific area of construction involving earth, water, and transport. Civil construction contractors mainly handle those tasks as they have the proficiency and knowledge to execute the maintenance, construction, and design of roads, buildings, water reservoirs, and other essential environments. This is what we are here for.

At DT Construction WA, we are a high quality Perth civil construction contractor, providing a range of civil and earthworks contracting services in Perth and WA. This includes a variety of comprehensive tasks, such as grading, bulk earthworks and site clearing. We have a dedicated team equipped with the tools and equipment necessary for completing the job flawlessly from the outset. This assures all clients that each project gets completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Civil & Earthworks Contractor Capabilities

As trusted Civil construction contractors in Perth, we can help with a range of construction and earthworks services. We offer our planning, expertise, and experience. They are meant to help clients design, construct and maintain environments that include but are not limited to sewer systems, dams, roads, commercial buildings, and residential houses. We have the best team in Perth that can handle various civil and earthworks tasks and capabilities:

Road & Load Bearing

Road & Load Bearing

Make sure the weight of the building is supported. Load-bearing structures take care of heavy loads, including multi-storey buildings, roads, bridges, and more. Our experience in this arena gives you peace of mind, knowing that your structure will stand up to usage and traffic demands.


Retaining Walls

Another critical service in civil and earthworks, retaining walls are built to prevent erosion and hold back soil. These structures create level surfaces, which are generally a requirement in areas with different elevations. If you need retaining walls, give our experts a call today.

Stormwater Drainage

Trenching & Stormwater Installation

Our trending services are useful for a variety of purposes, but especially for the installation of utility and drainage systems. We also help ensure that your runoffs are managed effectively with our stormwater installation solutions. This is essential in safeguarding the property and the surroundings, as well.

Project management

Equipment Hire

Hire the specialised machinery that you need for your next project from us. Whether it’s a bobcat or an excavator, we can have it ready for you. Other available pieces of equipment include tipper trucks, penetrometers, and compactors – all maintained to the highest standards.


Civil Earthmoving & Digging

Earthmoving and digging are among the backbones of DT Construction WA’s services. When you let our team do the earthmoving, we can guarantee that the land or site is prepared exactly as specified. That is, whether it involves utility installation, grading, or whatever else.


Bulk Earthworks

Let DT Construction WA transform landscapes through different means, including excavation and grading. Whatever earthworks-related service you need, we can do it for you to ensure your project will be constructed on optimal grounds. That way, you never have to worry about drainage and stability issues.

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Our Perth Civil Construction & Earthworks Projects

DT Construction WA takes pride in collaborating with numerous individuals, teams, and companies across Western Australia. Our group comprises talented and qualified professionals, all with a steadfast commitment to delivering quality results. It’s this dedication that has propelled us to become one of the leading construction contractors in Perth.

Whether you have recently discovered us or are already considering hiring us for your next construction project, we believe you should take a look at our completed and ongoing projects, particularly those in the realm of civil and earthworks. These successful projects not only garnered satisfied customers but also helped us showcase our capabilities to prospective clients.

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Why Choose Us As Your Perth Civil Construction Contractor?

Your construction project is a significant investment that requires an experienced construction partner you can trust. DTC is that partner. We don’t just carry out civil and earthworks-related services but also ensure that everything is done right the first time. We help transform your vision into reality whilst you reach your goals without delay and at no extra costs!

Compared to other construction contractors, we put great importance on customer loyalty. We remain unwavering in our commitment to our clients and craft, allowing us to deliver and exceed expectations. With DTC by your side, you can be sure that we strive to help you reach your success, which is not just our goal but also the ultimate reward.

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