High Quality Second Storey Additions Perth

Whether you dream of waking up to beautiful views of your surroundings or simply need more living space to make the house a home, our experts in second storey additions Perth will finally unlock the true potential of your property.

Increase Your Living Space

Whether you need extra bedrooms to accommodate a growing family or need more room to accommodate new lifestyles, a second storey addition is the perfect addition.

Increase Property Value

Thanks to DT Construction’s affordable yet highest quality second storey extension services, this home renovation will deliver a significant return on investment.

Increase Your Home's Presence

With second storey additions Perth, you can completely transform your home into a striking building that truly makes you the envy of your neighbours.

Perth Second Storey Additions that Make a House a Home

The obvious attraction of second storey additions in Perth is that they provide extra space, which can be used for living areas or practical home office environments. With more space and storage, the house is sure to feel more comfortable and suited to modern lifestyles. However, the project will also bring a whole new perspective to the home.

Whether it’s overlooking the beach, the city, or green spaces doesn’t matter. There is something simple yet spectacular about seeing the world from higher up. Your relationship with the garden, neighbourhood, and house as a whole will be greatly improved. This is truly the luxury living that you deserve.

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Take Your Perth Home to the Next Level with a Second Storey Addition

If you want a more luxurious home that’s more striking, more functional, and more spacious for your family then second storey additions Perth are the perfect choice. Adding an extra storey to the property will open the door to a plethora of new possibilities while ultimately creating a more exclusive look and feel.

As experienced experts in second storey extension projects, DT Construction provides a comprehensive service that ensures the design and build are completed to perfection. From inspiration to installation, home extensions never looked better.

What Can You Expect From DT Constructions Second Storey Extensions

Before hiring any contractor for your home project, you’ll need to know what to expect. DT Constructions is a second storey extensions specialist capable of delivering life-changing results to your home. Here’s why we’re Perth’s premier service:

Custom Designs

Second storey additions are only successful when they satisfy the needs of the homeowner and integrate with the property’s existing features. Our custom designs guarantee a perfect result every time.

Convenient Extensions

Our experts can complete on-site builds or modular builds to ensure that the project delivers optimal convenience and remains 100% aligned with your requirements. This allows you to have things your way.

Clear Communications

Here at DT Construction, we appreciate your need for transparency throughout every stage of the project. We are committed to keeping you informed while also completing all projects on time and within budget.

Calculated Execution

From the design elements to the construction and finishing, every aspect of your home extension will be methodically planned. In turn, you will be left with a stunning second storey that transforms your home forever.

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Scale New Heights in Home Luxury with Our Second Storey Perth Specialists

As specialists in second storey extension projects, DT Construction has added an extra floor to a wide range of property types and styles. We are perfectly positioned to analyse your property before discussing all possibilities with you in detail. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you choose an upgrade that delivers 100% satisfaction.

From the layouts and material choices and decor, we’ll ensure that the best results are achieved for your objectives and budget. We can also select the most suitable building practices and take care of planning permissions. Our experts have already helped hundreds of homeowners like you and would love to make your dream home a reality too.

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Remove the Guesswork Thanks to Our Expert Designs & 3D Modelling

Adding a second storey to your Perth home is a major project, and you need to be 100% certain that the results will live up to your expectations. With DT Construction, you’ll know exactly how your new and improved home will look long before the building works begins. It’s all thanks to our advanced 3D modelling.

The 3D designs will show a true representation of what a proposed extension will look like. Better still, if there’s any aspect that you’re unsure about, this process allows you to try out alternative options before choosing the best solution.

Our completed Projects

Our previous projects showcase the success stories of our efforts in winning the approval of our clients. Each project is unique, from the requirements of the facility or building to the scope of the task to the methodology we use. However, one thing does not change, and that is our commitment to excellence.

It always starts with the vision of the client, which turns into a concept that can become reality through meticulous planning and precise execution. That’s why we’re able to work on commercial fitout project in various types of spaces, from retail stores to full building defence to small and large offices. We look forward to working with you next!

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Lift Your Style with DT Construction

DT Construction is proud to offer second storey additions in Perth with a difference. From getting to know your plans to creating the perfect design and building the home extension, everything is personalised with your best interests in mind.

While unique results are guaranteed, our past projects can get your creative juices flowing. Let’s get your project started today!

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