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In order for a commercial construction project to be successful, it should involve more than just bricks and mortar. You need a partner dedicated to running your project as seamlessly as possible from beginning to end. Here at DT Construction WA, we go above and beyond to devise a meticulous plan to achieve precise execution and results that exceed expectations.

With a long-running track record, it is with great pride that we offer our comprehensive range of commercial construction services, including bricklaying, commercial fit-outs, and complete carpentry works. Let our experienced team take the reins as we turn your concept into a tangible reality.

Why Choose DT Construction WA for Your Commercial Project?

Our dedication at DTC is all about building for the future. Using a smart, all-encompassing approach, we can maintain an unwavering commitment to our clients whilst creating spaces where their commercial endeavours can flourish. These are the driving forces that we use as our guide in every project we undertake.

Sustainability of Products

Sustainability of Products

Sustainability is more important than ever. That’s why DT Construction WA supports using sustainable materials, with a high priority on the responsible use of resources. We continue to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint regardless of the size of the construction project.

Subcontract and Supply List

Subcontract and Supply List

For more than a decade, we have carefully built up a list of subcontractors and suppliers who share our strict standards of excellence. Having this list prepared saves time and resources whilst streamlining our procurement process so we can quickly proceed to other important tasks.

In-House Teams

In-House Teams

We maintain dedicated in-house teams for a variety of construction aspects, such as bricklaying, earthworks, and partitions. With this practice, we are able to create a streamlined approach that allows us to save time and resources without compromising the standards of craftsmanship.

Safety protocols

Safety Protocols

Safety is vital and is at the core of our operations, making sure to prioritise the well-being of every individual onsite. We include rigorous reporting and testing procedures to hit targets for our safety protocol system, which we continuously and carefully track.

Project management

Project Management

Time is always of the essence in the commercial sector, which is why we focus on running every project as seamlessly as possible to avoid delays. Our seasoned team specialises in schedule and timeframe management to help ensure that we meet and even exceed deadlines.

Let's Work Together on your Commercial

Our Completed Commercial Projects

DT Construction WA proudly showcases our past and ongoing projects, which we believe are a representation of our hard work and dedication to achieving excellence. Each project is a testament to our expertise and the results of our years of experience constructing commercial facilities and buildings that meet client expectations.

If you are a potential client, we urge you to explore our commercial projects, which are tangible proof of our capabilities. If you are seeking inspiration, you will see that this is where our vision and team collaboration efforts come to life.

Take a moment to browse through our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why choose DT Construction WA

Who We Are

When you choose DT Construction WA, you get a dedicated construction partner who works for you and with you. We don’t just build; we also offer comprehensive project management to ensure all details align with your concept from top to bottom. We have an in-house team that works directly and closely with architects and developers. That way, your vision takes centre stage, as we use a collaborative approach to guarantee every aspect you specified is not just met but surpassed.

Your project is with capable hands with DTC, as we only work with a trusted network of suppliers and subcontractors. And finally, we have a meticulous yet efficient and transparent contract administration for your peace of mind.

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